Monday, April 27, 2015

Youphoria Yoga Mat Review

I am Yogi here me roar :o no but seriously I  a yogi and I can say that I am definitely brand loyal when it comes to my yoga products I use one brand for everything yoga related from, gloves, socks, blocks, straps and most importantly mats. However I have been using the same mat for a long time and I just can never bring myself to buy a new one because it's still a really good mat but I know there are better ones out there, so when I got to opportunity to try a new yoga mat I took it and I'm very happy that I did.
The Youphoria yoga mat I received was pink and before I even go into major detail let me just say I've never seen a better package yoga mat in my life lol and the Live.Love.Yoga slogan just adds such a nice touch to it and makes me really think that they put real care into producing this yoga mat.

Even better it comes with a yoga strap which funny enough is my very first yoga strap and I'm in love it's so easy to store my yoga mat because I just put the strap on and it's nice and secure before I didn't have a strap and it was a bit annoying trying to store my mat in my room so I think Youphoria giving a free strap along with their mat is amazing and very considerate.

The strap makes it very easy to carry the mat and it's good to keep it wrapped up nice and right for storage purposes.

Now on to the actual mat, I really love how thick this mat is compared to my usual mat which makes it very comfortable when practicing yoga, it's a soft and firm mat with an excellent grip since using it I have never slipped on it even when not wearing my yoga socks, it's a nice shade of pink with the Youphoria yoga logo embedded in the mat which I think is really nice. Overall it's a really good mat especially if you find you need a thicker mat for your daily yoga practices.

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Youphoria Yoga Mat
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Black Bear Market All Natural Hot Chocolate K Cups

When it comes to beverages one of my favorite things to drink, especially on a nice and cold night is hot chocolate it's really a staple when it comes to beverages in general. There's really nothing sweeter than hot chocolate made with real cocoa but it's hard finding one without all the artificial sweetners, when I crave hot chocolate I want the real real stuff not just chocolate flavoring. There seems to be quite a delicious solution to my hot chocolate loving needs in the form of some single served Kcups.

Why doesn’t anyone make a hot chocolate that isn’t full of all the “bad stuff”?, that's the question that the creators of the black bear market hot chocolate asked themselves and to simply answer that question. They did. They made an all natural hot chocolate that has NO artificial sweetners which means you're getting natural and real taste of the hot chocolate and it is delicious.

I received a generous box of 24 hot chocolate Kcups, which are desgined to fit the original Keurig machines not the newer versions. Each Kcup provides one single serving of hot chocolate, just pop them into your machine and you're good to go.

There are even clear instructions on box to provide the costumer with knowledge to create the perfect chocolate beverage for them, while I prefer hot chocolate myself, you may also choose to have an iced cold version of hot chocolate, simply  use a glass filled with ice and enjoy your iced cold chocolate beverage.

I've tried this beverage cold, hot, and mixed with cashew milk, all three ways were delicious and the flavoring of the cocoa was nice and smooth and rich honestly this is one of the best hot chocolate beverages I've ever had so if you're interested in hot chocolate I would definitely recommend this product.

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Black Bear Market Hot Chocolate KCups
This product was received free and complementary from Black Bear Market all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion

Adeline Anti Aging Moisturizer Review

When it comes to skin care one of the most important things is keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized so that the skin remains looking youthful and glowing  with minimal signs of aging. To accomplish great looking skin you'll need a great moisturizer. This is Adeline's Anti Aging Moisturizer which is a cream moisturizer that promises to deliver a moisturizer that is for all skin types.

If you look on the back of the bottle it has  suggested use of the product which tells you to cleanse your face and apply it daily, it also says that you can use it for your face, neck and body. I have been using it for all three and I think it's one of, if not the best moisturizer I've ever tried and the fact that I can use it for my body and not just my face makes it even better. After applying a dime sized amount in my hands and apply to my face and neck I could feel how refreshed it was and it made my skin really smooth and soft and so much so that it really lasts all day and all night. When using it on my body it leaves it really soft and smooth to the touch, its really an amazing moisturizer that definitely does what it claims.

Design wise I really love that it has a pump which makes it very easy to use just one or two pumps should be enough to cover your whole face which is great because the product will last for awhile.

The texture of the product is creamy but not a thick cream where your face feels heavy having it on, this cream is a light and seeps into your skin quickly and moisturizes well, the smell is very pleasant and only adds to the restring sensation that I experienced while using this product. Overall I believe this is a really good product and is one of the best moisturizers I've tried and would highly recommend to those that are in need of a new moisturizer because this one surely will not disappoint you.

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Adeline Anti Aging Moisturizer
This product was received free and complementary from Adeline all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion

Armor Fit Clear-Frosted iPhone 6 case Review

When you buy your smartphone you may be excited for the camera quality, special apps or unique phone specific capabilities, but I for one get excited for cellphone cases, being someone who has dropped and cracked a phone I know first hand how important having a case is and honestly recommend getting a case for your phone ASAP. When I recieved this Armor Fit case I was excited because just from the picture it looked like a solid case and it was in a nice color.

On the back of the box it lists the different features and benefits of the case and what it comes with, which I think is great so you can understand what you're going to get.

Something I didn't know until I got the product was that it comes with a screen protector and cleansing cloth, which I find very unique because any other time I have purchased a case from a different brand I would have to purchase screen protectors separately, and to be honest screen protectors are expensive so this was really awesome that it was included with the case.

The case is a clear frosted case in pink(there are a variety of colors including black and gold), the top half the case is clear and the bottom half is frosted. It's an iPhone 6 case that fits perfectly on the phone.

When it comes to cases I am concerned with comfortable ability, sturdiness, and overall style, this iPhone 6 case by Armor Fit meets all these requirements, it's super comfortable to hold and is smooth and nice to the touch, it also has a good grip to it so you don't have to worry about it slipping from your hands, and absolutely love the style of it the contrast between the clear and frosted parts of the case is really unique and looks great. Bottom line is if you want a case for your phone Armor Fit is perfect for you, stylish, reliable and it's not too expensive.

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Armor Fit Ckear Frosted Case
This product was received free and complementary from Armor Fit all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Elephant Bar: Two treats

A quick review of the first two things I tried at Elephant Bar, I did have an entre but I must've have been really hungry and didn't even take a picture so I'll just focus on the two things I tried and took time to take a picture of.

The raspberry lemon drop martini(shaken not stirred, lol I have no idea just always wanted to say that. This drink was perfect for my meal and my appetizer so I would recommend it for whatever you decide to eat it will compliment it well.

This appetizer is pretty much a must try to anyone who visits the elephant bar, it's tasty and refreshing. The chicken lettuce wrap is just the thing to cute you're hunger especially after a nice workout. I really enjoyed eating this and not having to feel guilty about it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Organic Dandelion Root Tea Review

If there's one thing I love is drinking coffee because it gives a good burst of energy that I need to stay awake and alert but I also have grown to like tea for similar and different reasons. Different teas do different things, they can give you energy, they can calm you down and relax you and most have great health benefits to them.

Today I'm reviewing kissmeorganics dandelion root tea which I generously recieved 5 boxes of, each box contains 20 satches of tea for a total 100 satchets.

Dandelion root tea is known for great health benefits, especially when it comes to the kidneys and the liver and it also helps with digestive issues. It's also a staple when it comes to cleans in and detoxing your body of all the bad stuff that's accumulated over the years and bad eating habits people may have developed.
This particular Dandelion tea has a few extras besides Dandelion root it also has aromatic hibiscus and cinnamon powder. These particular ingredients also have wonderful health benefits that help in areas that seem to be a big issue in health problems for many people.
As it says on the box Hibiscus gives the benefit of maintaining a regular and normal blood pressure, so this would be great for anyone who has a hard time keeping their blood pressure low. Cinnamon helps with controlling your blood sugar which is perfect for anyone who may have issues with diabetes where they may need to keep their blood sugar at a certain level.

This Dandelion tea is a bit different than others in that it does contain other ingredients that add to the flavoring and other health benefits by using hibiscus and cinnamon. The coloring of the tea is a medium tan rose like color and the taste of it is rather fresh and reminds me of smelling a garden fresh with a slight flower like taste, I've tried the tea both hot and cold, I prefer it hot but if I drink it cold I have added a small bit of raw organic honey. If I drink it hot I don't add anything which I think is better because you get all the benefits of the tea. I'm going to enjoy drinking lots of this tea and overall I think it's a wonderful tea with a good flavor and great benefits health wise. So I would totally recommend trying this tea if you've never tried Dandelion tea or if you've tried other kinds of Dandelion tea.
About Dandelion Tea and Recipes
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organic dandelion root tea
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Yorkshire Mayfair Luxury500 threadcotton sheets Queen Review

I for one love to get a good nights sleep and I often have trouble falling to sleep because I don't feel comfortable in bed especially if it's a hot night, but one important thing to sleeping well and having a nice looking bed is simply sheets, and not just any kind of sheets soft, nice and comfortable sheets. So when I saw these particular sheets I was so anxious to review them and I'm so glad I got the chance because they are fantastic.

They are 500 thread count which is pretty  soft and ORGANIC I didn't even know there was organic sheets out there and they're Egyptian Cotton which really caught my attention because it screams fancy and amazing. It came with 1flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and two standard pillow cases all packed nicely in plastic zipped bag.

This picture does no justice but I absolutely love the look of these sheets and pillow cases, they're really elegant looking and modern and make my bedroom look completely different but in a good way I feel like I'm walking into a fancy pants hotel everytime I go into my bedroom now.

The very first night I used these sheets I honestly had a very comfortable sleep I just felt so comfortable, they're just really soft and cooling which makes sleeping a little bit easier to do which initially surprised me because I do find it difficult to sleep sometimes but now I know I'll have a good nights sleep as long as I use these sheets. Overall I really love this sheet set they look good and feel good and there's really nothing better than that.

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Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury Sheets
These products were received free and complementary from Yorkshire-Mayfair, all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


I just found out about this online jewlery store that's sales the adorablest(if that's a word) jewlery and jewlery boxes I've ever seen.

Like how cuuuuute is this and they have other designs as well. I waaaaant i neeeed this in my life it's the perfect size and looks so elegant, also I think it would be a great gift idea.

This site also has awesome deals and chances to win FREE JEWLERY. They have a monthly drawing and all you have to do is subscribe with your email.

Right now there's even a 100% off coupon for these adorable heart shaped earrings(btw I love the mini history lesson awesome). All you pay for is shipping which is calculated depending on where you live.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Pinkberry: Not your average FroYo

P-I-N-K-B-E-R-R-Y has got to be one of my favorite places to go for a cool treat, especially when it's hot. I really think I'm obsessed with this place it's just so awesome that I literally get excited each time I go, like a kid in a candy store. It's not just the treats but the whole feel of the store is fresh, sleek, and modern. From inside and out it's a great place visually.

This particular location even has a cool water fountain thing where you walk and water shoots up, I may or may not have ran through that one too many times. 

Most of the time they have a featured item such as this apple pie a la mode, which looks delicious, am I right? Of course I am it's pinkberry it's all delicious lol.

Now to why I love pinkberry, it's really not your typical frozen yogurt, it's a light sweet and a hint of sourness that makes your tastebuds do the salsa in your mouth. They have a few flavors like green tea, chocolate, pomegranate, lemon lime, strawberry, watermelon, etc. Some flavors are seasonal or for a limited time only. My favorite flavor is original, the others are fun and tasty but nothing beats the original in my eyes and tastebuds. 

My second favorite thing about pink berry TOPPINGS!! Seriously I could put anything from cereal, gummie bears, cookies, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, shaved ice, and any of their delicious fresh fruits. By the way this has to be the best place for fruit toppings it's literally like they hand picked it right before you arrived in line, they're that fresh. The list of toppings and combinations really seems endless, whether you want sour, sweet, or fruit filled flavor there's something for everyone.

Pink berry also parfaits and blended treats like smoothies and Greek yogurt smoothies.

I also love that when you order to go they will place your stuff with a zip locked bag of ice so it stays cool and doesn't melt on the way home and you don't even have to ask. 

For this original flavored pinkberry treat I got raspberries, strawberry popping boba balls, and chocolate chips, omg one of the best combos I've had yet the yogurt really goes well with the toppings especially the raspberries and eating the boba was so fun and since I almost always get chocolate chips let me tell you the ending where most of the yogurt left has melted and with the chocolate chips...... It's ALMOST, like a mini chocolate chip ice cream. Delicious.