Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lightening USB Cable

I received my first apple smart touch screen product about a couple years ago and I now have that iPod and now an iPhone and I'll be the first to say the charger cords for these products definitely need some work after a few months my charger cable began to fall apart and I was lucky enough to have someone buy me a fabric cord which has been working better but I'm always interested in a sturdy charger cable that doesn't not up and looks and is reliable and that's where the Chromo USB Power and Sync Cable comes in.

This particular cable comes with a lightning connector which fits apple products that use that connector and the most awesome thing about this product is that the cable is flat. I've used all kinds of cables and most if not all have issues with getting tied into knots which causes issues with the insides of the cable which eventually causes it to stop working.

This cable is literally like a dream come true for anyone that has had issues charging their devices or syncing them to their  computer both of which this cable has no problem doing, it works to charge your device and to sync it to your computer. I've been using it for a about a week now and I love it and haven't stopped using it, it doesn't tangle and it's a great length where you can sit on he couch and comfortably use your phone if needed.

I have to say I do wish I had known about this cable before because it would've saved me a lot of trouble but I have it now so it's all good, I would definitely recommend this cable to anyone that needs a new one or wants to replace their standard cable with something that will actually last.

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Chromo Inc Lightning Cable
This product was received free and complementary from Chromo Inc, all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekly Freebies 3/16-3/30

L.A. Fuel Energy Gum in arctic mint
Tried one and well when they say arctic they mean ARCTIC because there's a blast of cold mint that hits you during the first minute but then any nice flavor of gum is gone it's not a good gum if you want a nice tasting gum BUT it's the perfect gum if you need an energy boost I took it when I was really tired and I literally felt so wide awake while chewing it.

Magi Patch a hangover recovery patch

Motts Fruit Roll
Free neutrogena healthy skin boost cleanser from crowdtap

$25 amazon gift card from producttube.com

Julep nail polish from Poshmark, free including shipping using $25 store credits

 Essie nail polish free using Ebay card won from influenster. Also bought two belts and won a bid on a ring.

Freebies from Nordic Naturals Omega Fish Oil Tablets and Children's DHA.
Freebie from Target John Frieda Volumizer sample plus coupon.
I actually got this a couple weeks ago but forgot to share it it's a breathe right freebie that comes with 2 strips.

Promise cards from becauseisaidiwould*

*i will give more information in another blog post.

Also I received a sample of Advil pm, plus other items to review which will be published later this week.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Radha Beauty 100% Fractionated Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is quite a wonder, there are so many benefits to it from cosmetic all the way down to cooking. This particular Coconut Oil is 100% Pure Fractionated which means it has a longer shelf life than  a non fractionated oil.

This oil has the shelf life of 5 years, now that's a very long time for such an amazing product. I loved learning that when I got the product because I had no idea something like this could lasts so long which is great because you don't have to rush to use it.

I've been using this oil for a few days now and I really love it, it's the perfect thing for my skin it feels so good and soft now that I've been using this. It moisturizes very well leaving your skin feeling hydrated and not greasy or too oily. This particular product is great because there is a list of the many wonderful uses of coconut oil which I think is a nice touch because many people might not realize what this stuff can really do.

Overall I really enjoy using this product and look froward to wonderful skin and also trying out the
other uses of this product.

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Radha Beauty Coconut Oil
These products were received free and complementary from Radha Beauty, all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion.

Adeline Organic Eye Serum

This product is something I was very excited to try because I tend have darker eye area which constantly makes me look sleepy and droopy and I hate that.

The first thing that I noticed with this product is the clean fresh and sleek design that Adeline has given it which I love because it makes me feel like I'm getting a product that's professional and has been well thought out.

Next is the easy to use pump which I feel adds comfort to those who use it because there's no mess and it's quick and simple to use.

Also I love how the directions are placed on the product and it also gives you a heads up on the tingly feeling that you will experience so you aren't surprised or freaked out.

On to the product use I followed the instructions for the past few days upon receiving the product and I must say that I actually have noticed a slight difference which makes me very excited for future results. This is the kind of product you're going to have to stick with, meaning you need to use it continuously in order to see results so no skipping days/nights.

Overall this is a great product that I will continue to use on my journey of brighter eyes and brighter outlook on life.

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Adekine Organic Eye Serum

These products were received free and complementary from Adeline, all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion.

Friday, March 20, 2015

100% Pure Argan Oil from goPURE Naturals

Let's get right into the review of this 100% Pure Argan Oil from, goPURE Naturals.

I love the packaging of it the look reminds me of a natural product so it already grabs your attention with that. Also love how the glass dropped came bubble wrapped to protect it from breaking.

The next thing is that it's USDA certified which is very important when it comes to Argan Oil and other natural products so that you know it's authentic.

Then we have the aroma of the product once you put it on your skin or hair, the smell is a nice familiar wood type smell which is good because then you know you got the good stuff. You don't want Argan Oil to have a weird smell because then you would question how pure it is. With this Argan Oil I have no question that its pure and that's a major plus.

This product can be used for your hair, skin, and nails(for the cuticles) I have been personally using it for my skin and nails and it works terrific for my nails because the Argan Oil promotes growth in the nails if you use it correctly, as for my skin it's been feeling soft and moisturized and glowy thanks to this Argan Oil.

So if you're interested in Argan Oil I would recommend adding this one to your Argan Oil collection because it works really nice and the benefits are amazing.

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goPURE Naturals Argan Oil
This product was received free and complementary from goPURE Naturals all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion

FoxBrim Ocean Mineral Lotion

Another awesome product from FoxBrim which is the Ocen Mineral Lotion. Now any good lotion has to meet certain standards such as Smell, Good ingredients, effectiveness and consistency. I will also be talking about the style of the product and my overall opinions of it.

True to it's name it does have an ocean type of smell, kind of like a light ocean/green plant/natural smell which is light and pleasant I would totally use this before going to a beach and feel one with the ocean

Hyaluronic Acid, Irish Moss, Blue Green Algae, and Yarrow.

I like how the ingredients are clearly labeled so that you know exactly what you're putting on your face.

This product is very effective at moisturizing your face keeping it looking fresh and smooth and clean, so it definelty does what it says it will.

The lotion is creamy but not too creamy where you feel like your face will turn out greasy, it's a soft cream texture that absorbs really well

The product is a nice size and I love the shape of the bottle and I love how the pump has a plastic connector that fits inside the slot so that it would stop the flow of lotion from squirting out everywhere accidently.

Overall I really like this product and I'm in love with the slight ocean scent it has and the ingredients make me feel like I'm getting so many natural benifits.

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Foxbrim Ocean Mineral Lotion
This product was received free and complementary from Foxbrim, all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

FoxBrim Vitamin C Lotion

Selecting a lotion comes down to a few things for me personally, ingredients, texture, moisturizing capability, smell, and the style of the product. After seeing band trying FoxBrim Vitamin C Lotion I am convinced that it's meets all of my criteria and the criteria of a really good lotion.

It contains Panthenol, Aloe, MSM, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Vitamin B5 and of course Vitamin C and other organic components.

All ingredients are clearly label and what you see is what you get so there's no guessing or misunderstanding and any proper name of an ingredient is clearly labeled in parentheses of the name you are familiar with, which I thought was a nice touch and great for consumers.

-Does it moisturize?
Yes it does very well, I have used it on my face as well as my body after a clean shower and my skin always feels soft and refreshed thoroughout the entire day it's a great moisturizer.

It has a clean natural smell kind of like a jojoba oil and aloe tea scent it's a light scent that does go well with the skins natural smell.

The product is sleek and can easily fit into a purse or a bag or any kind of big enough pocket, love the colors scheme of black and orange which is reminiscent of the Vitmain C theme, also I love the pump/nozzle that's attached to the bottle which makes it really easy to apply and control the amount of lotion that you want.

Overall this product does what it claims and then some it leaves your skin soft and moisturized and more importantly you know exactly what you're putting into your skin.

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Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion
This product was received free and complementary from Foxbrim, all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Freebies 3/9-3/14

Philosophy Perfume Sample
Which I actually used recently and it smells pretty nice, it's a light floral type of scent, not too flowery though.

Kohls $15 off in store plus two 20% in store and online coupons.

Truly Radiant arm & hammer toothpaste
Tried it once not too terrible but it's not the best either far as taste goes other than that it's a good toothpaste.

In shower body lotion by Nivea

Free pack of Twix bars.

Twinnings of London tea

Tried the camomile honey and vanilla it taste really good I would definelty purchase a full box of that flavor.

LaLune Naturals: Organic LipBalm

It's here it's here yessssssss lol excuse my excitement but I'm so happy to be reviewing this awesome product. I personally am obsessed with lip products and honestly have a hard time finding a really good lip balm that doesn't dry out my lips and that I have to keep reapplying every 30 minutes to a hour just so my lips stay soft.

Let me just start of by saying the design of these lip balms are really nice and actually were the first thing that caught my attention because I've never seen any other similar style lip balms have that much effort out into the designs. So that's a big plus if you like having something that looks nice as well.
I also like the fact that is has a safety seal and that's it's designed so that it doesn't take away from the product and you can still see what it actually looks like. And the "OCD" person in me loves how the seal color matches the flavor/scent label as well.

As you can see it comes in 4 different flavors and scents, peppermint, raspberry, Asian Pear, and vanilla bean.

As soon as I opened it the smell hit me and it reminded me a a lot the spearmint flavor gum that I buy occasionally, so if you really like the peppermint scent/flavor  you'll like this one.

The first one I tried and I love the scent, it smells so good it reminds of a nice candy scented candle it smells good enough to want to eat.

-Asian Pear
It's an interesting flavor/scent since I've never had any kind of pear flavored lip product before but it's a sweet flavor/scent it's like a combination of mint  and a fruit(pear) scent. This would be my second favorite next to the raspberry.

-Vanilla Bean
You can't really go wrong with vanilla, it's a familiar scent but this one isn't over powering it's a light vanilla scent that reminds me of eating a vanilla cupcake it's very soft with a sprinkle of sweet.

Being that these are organic lip balms I did take notice to the box it came in which adds to the whole organic and naturals theme this brand is going with and it looks awesome I love how it labels the flavors on the box(which by the way were in order).

Also love how they clearly label their natural ingredients which include Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, and Coconut Oil among others. Also this product is USDA certified which is a huge plus.

Now to review the actual product, I have been using this for about 1day and a half and I have already fallen so hard in love for this lip balm it's insane, I've always struggled with lip balms and this product really does seen to be the answer to at least my concerns.

- Application
It goes on soooo smooth like butter or beeswax lol but it doesn't end up greasy or caked on like other brands I've tried. All you need is one application that will last you the whole day, no need to constantly apply it.

The scent and flavor actually does last but it isn't over powering it's light but it stays on for as long as your application does.

-Overall feel and look
Does it moisturize? Yes yes it does my lips feel moisturized for the whole day and super soft. It gives a subtle natural looking shine to your lips. It feels like it's going deeper into your lips and nourishing them rather than just going ontop and just masking the dryness which is the best thing about these lip balms.

My lips after using the raspberry flavored Organic Lip Balm, super soft with a light shine. Overall this product works really well, if you have issues with dry lips I would really recommend you try these out.

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lalune naturals Organic Lip Balms
These products were received free and complementary from Lalune naturals, all comments and thoughts of the product are that of my honest opinion.