Friday, February 27, 2015

Mercari Haul 2

I received all of these lovely bath items from a Mercari seller 
Sarah Boulanger 
She was an awesome seller super nice and shipping was quick, she has a lot of awesome things so check her page.

The cost was $7 free ship, I paid $2 after using $5 Mercari credit sooo woooooo lol.

The next thing I bought which ended up free, it was $3 and I used $3 Mercari credit. I bought a pack of AAA batteries and the seller included a small size of skin cream for free.

Seller: Official Brands

Nice seller, fast shipping check out their page. 

And thanks to these awesome sellers I got to have a very relaxing bubble bath, and using the batteries I was able to use my awesome color changing candles.

Weekly Freebies 14-21

Free Tea Sample from therepublicoftea.com

I love this particular tea that they sent even though I'm not a huge green tea fan, with this tea you can taste the ginger which makes it really good. It was a very relaxing tea that left me wanting more and more.

Chat books instagram photobook 
Chatbooks is an app that you can download for free where you can use your photos and Chatbooks will turn them into a book 

They have an instagram package that uses your intsagram photos, you can't select directly which photos you want but you can exclude which photos you don't want thus making it a custom book(which is what I did, since I wanted specific images).

They also have a custom package that doesn't require an instagram, which you can upload photos.

Each book contains 60 photos and you can select the cover for your book and if you select the instagram package they will provide your instagram name along with the date of the pictures on the spine of the book.

The books originally cost $6 per book
If you want your own free book use this code below 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Smiley360 Mission: Children's Mucinex (free sample)

I finally revieced my free Children's Mucinex from Smiley360 I was sooooo excited lol they packaged the box really nice with blue and orange tissue paper.

The most exciting though was trying out this product and here goes my thoughts on the product, first the packaging is nice and clean, them the instructions to actually open the bottle were demonstrated on top of the cap which I thought was really nice and convienent, then the smell and flavor of the product was amaaaazing, like it really reminded me of a juicy juice that I used to drink as a kid or any type of fruit juice.

Overall I think this product is good and great for kids for when they become congested due to a cold or flu, so parents go out and buy this because I don think you will regret it.
I received this product for free to test and review from Smiley360 and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Freebies 9-14

So finally I'm going to post the blog post of the the freebies from LAST last week and later today will post freebies of this past week

List of Freebies

Freeze dried chicken A La King

Free Earrings

Free handwritten postcard written by a robot

Free Shoes 
Here's referral link for $10 towards your purchase(can be used towards shipping)
Also download the app for additional savings.

Free $5 Amazon egiftcard
Download to your phone keep for a week gift token for instant win game garaunteed prize.

Free $10 amazon egiftcard when you sign up and make your first 2-4min video.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mercari Haul

Mercari is an app where you can buy and sell items similar to ebay though their isn't an auction process, you can costumize exactly what you want and how much you're willing to pay using their filter feature. If you are selling on Mercari there is currently no fee to Mercari to sell all money earned is yours to keep. Mercari has great features including messaging feature that can be used before during and after a transaction.

This is one my new favorite places to shop and you can use this referral code to get $2 Mercari store credit that can be applied towards your purchase and shipping GMYTMV 

Here are a few things I have purchased through Mercari.

 This was purchased from vbootique on Mercari and she is also on Instagram under the same name.

Nails after using these products 

Awesome 😋

A gold mini dress I purchased on Mercari

Purchased from Alee on Mercari, she always has good deals and cute things check her out.

Nail polish purchased on Mercari from 

Nails after using these products.

Little black dress I purchased on Mercari from Sol29

Check out Mercari you won't regret it.🙊

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Matte on Black

The finished look of this Valentine's inspired manicure, didn't want to do the traditional pink and red or red and white color scheme and with 50 shades of grey releasing before Valentine's Day I figured this would be more fitting.

Step 1: apply 2 coats of a black polish(I used Black on Black by Sinful Colors)(also apply your base and regular top coat) 

Step 2: apply matte topcoat on thumb and index fingers.

Step 3: apply a sparkly glittery polish or top coat on middle and pinky finger(I used Maybelline's color show black in mirrors)

Step 4: apply matte top coat to ring finger and apply the red rhinestones in shape of a heart once heart is done apply another light coat of the matte top coat.

Step 5: Use A Valentine's themed stamping plate with white or light pink nail polish(I used Sinful Colors Easy Going and Q159 plate)