Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

The Royal Rose Hydrating Serum from Valentia is a 98% natural product that contains Rose Damascena, which is an oil that provides moisture to the skin as well as other vitamins and nutrients, Rosehip Seed Oil(one of my favorites), that contains Vitamins A and C which work to keep the moisture in the skin, Evening Primrose Oil, which gives a light non oil moisture to the skin. There are other ingredients such as lavender, bearberry, and Vitman B that all work together to create this wonderful product.

After using this product for little over a week I have grown attached to the soft and moisturized glow that I would have after using it. Not only did it live up to my moisturizing expectations but it lasts so long and my skin isn't dry at all by the end of the day. Actually my skin feels the same as when I first apply the product until hours later when I'm starting my nightly skin routine. 

The product comes in a bottle with a pump which makes it very easy to use and there's no mess. Also a little goes a long way when using this product, the directions state to use 1-2 pumps however I tend to use 3-4 pumps just to insure I cover my whole face as well as my neck area.

This is defenitely a product I would recommend in replacement of your ordinary moisturizer because it's just really that good at keeping your skin feeling and looking amazing.

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I received this product courtesy of Valentia and all opinions are that of my own. This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker.

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